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Disruptive learning: breaking the learning paradigms

The theme chosen for the IV International Forum To Be Verona is: "Disruptive learning: not just technology". A topic as important as it is unknown to most people. Abroad it is already known for years, while in Italy only someone has started to study and take care of it. Disruptive learning means assimilate using a disruptive methodology that is going to upset the canons of today's education.



To talk about disruptive learning, however, we need to start from a broader topic that is disruptive innovation. That is an innovation that destroys, breaks the pre-existing paradigms of a sector, such as an industrial business model, which is able to produce on the market a higher quality good at a lower price, thus changing the whole market of that sector. Disruptive learning is therefore a part of the infinite world of disruptive innovations with a focus on the education sector.


The second part of the title, "not just technology", wants to indicate the direction that the Forum will take, with a focus on people and on their ability to learn and innovate, to acquire a system, a way of thinking, totally outside the schemes, allowing them to emerge at the school and work level. Thanks to the web, people are smarter and more attentive to the methods of learning, but it is not enough disruptive to change the school sector and the small and medium-sized businesses that, in Italy, has been stopped for years.



Specifically, during the IV International Forum To Be Verona, international professionals will address issues related to learning that are innovative and absolutely disruptive compared to existing models. There will be a time for high school students to whom great innovation will be required, but there will also be interventions that will involve entrepreneurs/professionals and small and medium-sized businesses who need to establish themselves in their own area of expertise. Continuous developments of such innovative methodologies will lead to a revolution in education that will start from the schools to reach the most advanced entrepreneurial realities.

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