To Be Verona


To Be Verona is a territorial marketing project based on the innovation and enhancement of the know-how and cultural heritage of Verona's territory to give its business greater visibility by supporting the Italian smart city model.

To Be Verona aims at tracing a well defined route towards the future to create a new harmonious and balanced cycle where Verona plays more than a scenic role by becoming itself a smart land where the quality of life is well balanced with the surrounding territory, through a creative, shared and sustainable growth.
The purpose of To Be Verona is to organize the city and its area into a smart network giving a strong and unified image of the city and its territory, by high living standards, not only for its inhabitants but also for those who do business in it or just visit.
For Verona to become food for body, thought and soul.


Via: Via Pancaldo 32
Citta': Verona
Zip Code: 37138